Assessment: Making Things Meaningful on Purpose

  • Discovery 5 comes usually after an analysis of what we call hard steps and space jamming. It's the realization that you can make things meaningful for people pretty easily if you know their values, or guests them.
  • The last shift comes when you can easily make things life-changingly meaningful for those around you, with just a little information from them. Perhaps you've had a long history hosting meaningful events and having on-purpose meaningful conversations, but these were based on vague ideas about what's meaningful for everyone.

    After this shift, it becomes a matter of precision-targeting what's meaningful for one person at a time. This is a tremendously powerful way we can help one another.

    This shift can lead to dramatic changes in lifestyle and relationships, and also in one's vision for how to improve the world.

  • Skill 5 is a bit more technical. It's about looking at the backstory of a value and parsing it out into its components into three components. information requirements to live by the value relationship building moves to live by the value and creation of scenes and settings and moods. that were necessary to live by the value. Collecting this from multiple stories of people living by value and identifying common themes. It seemed to be necessary to create a good space for value. We call those common themes hard steps, the hard steps of living by value. So this is a skill of storytelling and analysis.
  • To evaluate skill 5, we ask you to name the hard steps of various values.

Design for Self Assessment

Discovery 5 — Meaningful by Design

Skill 5 — Hard Steps

Skill 6 — Relationship-Building Moves

Skill 8 — Social Prototyping & Evaluation


Note: Some students have made some discoveries prior to taking the course! In this case, you can “test out” of the relevant assessment.


To complete unit 2

  • you've articulated one of your own sources of meaning you're struggling to live by
  • you've identified the hard steps of living by it
  • you designed something for yourself that makes the hard steps easier.
  • you prototyped that thing and evaluated it according to those values and hard steps