Chapter 2. Finding Evidence of Values

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📌 Topic

A person's goals are evident in the plans they make and the actions they take. A person's preferences are evident when they choose one thing over another.

What's the evidence that we have certain values and not others? In this chapter, we look to our emotions, life transitions, and experiences of meaning (or meaninglessness) to gather precise information about values.

🧠 Invent It Yourself

Designing for Meaning

What information do you need from users, to make something meaningful for them?

The information in feelings

People often change plans because of feelings that come up. So, the feelings must be telling them something new! What kind of thing do feelings tell us?

Where do values come from?

If values are an idea, how do they get into our heads? Do we learn them?

📃 Readings

Attention and Meaning
Emotions, Values, and Wisdom
Emotions to Values

💪 Practices

Exercise: Meaningful and Meaningless Attention
Emotions to Values Practice
Emotions to Values Worksheet
Value Transitions (from Value to Value)
Meaning Analysis
Field Tripping
Exercise: Listening with Values Empathy - Shoulds / Coulds