To Complete Quest 1

First, make sure you're ready.

  • Be good at separating out values, goals and norms.
  • Be able to write up values in a way that conveys their meaning.
  • Be able to look at the values on meaning.supplies, and
    • see which are better written
    • look at the problematic values (click "Submissions") and see why they're problematic.
  • Have played
    Values Elicitation Technique (VETing)
    a few times, with people who can be patient with you while you learn to interview them well.

Then, to complete Quest 1

You must collect values from people who are important to you—ideally, people you could design something for. For instance, you could collect values from work colleagues, and later (in Quest 2) you could design an organizational process around them. Or, you could collect values from your family members and later make a ritual or game for them.

  • Pick a population to collect values from. It should be more than one person.
  • Make a date to do
    Values Elicitation Technique (VETing)
    with them
  • You'll need to present the values you collect, for assessment by your guides and teachers. We will want to see that you're good at sorting values from norms, goals, etc, and that you've written them out in a way that's clear enough to design around.
  • You don't need to find shared values in your population—just multiple values from multiple people who you could imagine designing for.

Once you can do this, you're ready for Quest 2.