Consider all aspects of a social design

Chapter 5. Environments for Relationship-Building

Dependency. Do participants need one another, to accomplish something together? independent dependent interdependent

Depth. Do people know each other well? strangers friends anonymous acquaintances

Matchmaking. What information is available for deciding who to connect with? shallow markings deep context human intros algorithms

Presence. Do participants have the sense of one another's presence, in the same "place" at the same time? For how long? async fleeting durational

Shape. Does the whole group listen to everything said, or do people talk in pairs, or does information flow through a network structure? whole group pairs subgroups network

Chapter 6. Containers, not Flows

Consistency. Is the group together for a duration, or do people come and go? consistent transient

Audience. Does the speaker know exactly who will see their speech or it is unclear? Is it a large group or small? unclear large small

Timeframe. Are unknown future listeners / responders also "in the room"? eternal present time

Staging. How are shared moods, topics, or levels of engagement set up? How are they wrapped up?

Positions. Is there room for many types of participants who can occupy different positions in the scene based on their strengths?

Chapter 9. Legitimation Processes
Chapter 9. Legitimation Processes

Pretext. Is communication expected to be around a shared goal? Shared topic? Shared values? Or do participants have different goals and seek exchanges? Or is there no set pretext at all?

Feedback. How do people respond to speech? Do the they like / clap / cheer / review? Do they friend / follow / join? Do they thank? Comment? Request/buy?

Pace and Polish. Is the rate of communication fast or slow? Are things slowly crafted? Contemplated? Or quickly tossed back and forth?

Selection. Are some players recognized as invited by a trustworthy person? invited random

Status. Are some participants celebrities? Are they ranked somehow? Or is everyone presented as equal?

Chapter 10. Incentives Structures

Strategies Do a variety of approaches pay off, and do people have a chance to discover this variety

Downtime. Are the incentives always in place or are there clear times of freedom or rest or a rhythm?

Fan out. Do the incentives promote exploration/discovery or exploiting known winning patterns?

Stakes. Are the stakes high for individuals or for the group? high low