Situation Salvage Duplo

Someone tells a story about a time when one of their values was suppressed by the situation. This could be a "minor hell realm", such as waiting in line at the grocery store, an awkward family dinner, etc. They say which value was suppressed in the hell realm.

Duplo mode

  • See if you can use one of these big, zoomed out lenses, to improve the situation.
    • Game design, with points, win conditions, etc
    • Ritual Design, with settings, timings, invocations, and paraphernalia
    • Social choice mechanisms, aggregating information from individuals into a collective choice with various biases and failure modes
    • Institution, with rules that make some moves legitimate, others illegitimate
    • Organization, with roles, responsibilities, and information flow

Live action version

  • The person who describes the minor hell realm becomes the audience member. Someone else is the referee. Everyone else is a performer. Performers role play the hell realm. The member audience can "tap in" and try to "change the game". If they succeed in changing the game, there will be a new audience member, who can try to "tap in" and "change the game". The game is won when the referee decides that the minor hell has been transformed, and the value is no longer suppressed there.

Hell Realm Remodeling