Situation Salvage: Relationships

The group sits in a circle and brings up various "hell realms": social experiences which were meaningless, performative, empty, or otherwise not a good time. (If you need ideas, think about bad dates, bad family dinners, bad work meetings, etc.)

The person who presents the hell realm (the "presenter") should be able to say, roughly, what values of theirs were suppressed.


Step 1. Gather Details

Make sure the value is fairly clear
Ask the presenter what kinds of relationships they have with the people in the story, and write down a characterization of those relationships.
Go through the questions below, and characterize the situation in terms of them. Each player should have a full understanding of what the answers to these questions were in the story.
Relationality Questions

Step 2. Suggest "Salvages"

The other players try to come up with ways to change the design parameters (above) that would have made the situation better.

The idea is to suggest a minimal change in the setup of the story, a change that's small, hopefully feasible or almost feasible, and that takes the presenter out of the hell realm and allows them to live by their value.

Think of changes to the below, that'd have made a difference in whether the presenter could live by their value.

Relationality Questions

Step 3. Reflection

If you succeed, do some reflecting: why do you think the presenter needed this kind of relationship to live by their value?

Check your theory with them.

To get more detailed, do

on the situation, and see if it confirms your theory.