Legitimation Poker

For 3-5 players.


This is a practice to help build up your breadth of imagination, focused on changing the parameter of Legitimation.

Starting the Game

The game starts by 🌳 choosing a value that you'll all work to support, and a leader. The leader says how new topics can be introduced (topic legitimation) and what kinds of comments are allowable (comment legitimation).

Game Play

One person at the time is the leader. This person introduces the rules for topic and comment legitimation, trying to find legitimation rules that best support the value. Everyone else tries to follow the rules.

After a set time (~5 min) everyone evaluates how the leader did, and whether the value was supported by the initial redesign. Then the leader changes and a new round begins.

We suggest sticking to one value, and iterating on the rules, until someone did a good job.

The game is less about having a great time living by the value, and more about training your legitimation making skills.


Legitimation Questions
Old Descriptor, 15.06

How to improve Legitimation Poker

  • Game begins by choosing a leader and a value
  • Leader has a few minutes to write initial rules
  • After each round, the leader asks the value provider how the value was or was not supported → we suggest sticking to the value, iterating the rules, until someone did a very good job.
  • basketball leader style. less about having a great game, more about training your legitimation making skills