Quest breakdown

Quest 1

  • In Chapters 2 and 3, you'll look at which of your own values are relevant to what you're working on, and you'll learn to write them in a precise manner, so they can be used as design criteria and inform your design imagination.
  • In Chapter 4, you'll collect values from other people you're designing for.

Quest 2

  • In Chapter 5, you'll learn a new way to prototype social designs, by making small games or rituals that test key aspects.
  • In Chapter 6, you'll consider the kinds of relationships formed in your project, looking for relationship types that support the values you picked.
  • In Chapter 7, you'll look at the settings and timings for social interaction in your design, and how they support or undermine your design criteria.
  • In Chapter 8, you look at information flow through the network of people in your design, and what information and relationships are reinforced by that flow.
  • In Chapter 9, you look who your design includes, and who it excludes, and whether the skills and abilities required to succeed in your design support the values you're aiming for.
  • In Chapter 10, you'll analyze whether the incentives and metrics surfaced by your design support or undermine the values you've picked.

Quest 3

  • In Chapters 11-13, we further scaffold your processes of user research, prototyping, iteration, and evaluation with values-based methods, so that you can spread values-driven processes through your org.